VMware Academic Program

What is VMware Academic Program (VMAP)?

A key element of the VMware Academic Program is a comprehensive software licensing program designed specifically for the global higher education community. An annual subscription fee enables qualifying academic users worldwide to gain easy access to cutting-edge virtualization technology and resources.

The VMware Academic Software Licensing Program supports the use of virtualization applications in teaching and research. The program provides both desktop and infrastructure software for personal use, whether as part of STEM classes, in research projects, or for gaining hands-on experience with VMware products. Applications are provided at no cost to end users, with participating departments being responsible for covering the program’s operational costs through an annual subscription fee.

Products Included

Participating departments gain access to a comprehensive suite of VMware products and a host of technical resources. The free products provided are ideal for instructional and research use within academic institutions, and for gaining hands-on experience with core infrastructure products. Included products are:

  • VMware vCenter Server Standard
  • VMware Fusion for Mac
  • VMware Fusion Pro for Mac
  • VMware Workstation Player
  • VMware vRealize Suite Standard
  • VMware vRealize Suite Enterprise Plus
  • VMware vSAN Enterprise
  • VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus
  • VMware vSphere Standard
  • VMware Workstation

Free licenses to available VMware products are regularly updated and posted to the self-service web portal. VMware Academic Software Licensing Program aims to provide the latest release of the core products, and one or two prior releases to provide compatibility with older hardware.

How do I get access?

1. Go to http://vmap.dei.uc.pt

If this is your first access to this platform, you must reset the password to be able to define one.


2. Access accounts are local to this application. This way, you must use your dei email address and the password you defined for this account. If you do not remember the password, you must reset it, always using the DEI email address as a login.



3. After the login you can start your purchases where the installation files and the respective keys will be made available.



Any problem should be reported by email to helpdesk@dei.uc.pt

More information about this licensing can be found at https://www.vmware.com/company/labs-academic-software.html